Danny Kostyshin - An Online Restrospective
Danny Kostyshin - An Online Retrospective & Some New Perspectives for the New Millennium

The 2010s
My primary focus for the last 5 years is the development of my chawans and exhibiting in International Teabowl shows.
I have also been learning about soda and wood firing processes. Slips and liner glazes are all being understood and used in each firing I have space in.I often use recycled clay for the unknown aspect of firing in such atmospheres as wood or soda.
I have also been making small porcelain tea cups or cups for saki, that are sold at Cultivate Tea at 21st and Main st Vancouver. Due to restrictions in space availability in wood or soda kilns small works in clay such as chawan and tea cups have been my focus.
I am very interested in the wabi (spirit) aspect of the chawan. I am interested in kiln accidents that create interesting surfaces and finishes to my work.I desire that my work be used daily, for consumption of teas, hot or cold beverages. My work lends itself to very unique vessels that appeal to the individual who identifies with some aspect of the vessel.
I invite any chawan or tea cup owner to use my work in functional aspects, without any strict adherence to traditions and historical practices.

Danny Kostyshin the 2010s

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