Danny Kostyshin - An Online Restrospective
Danny Kostyshin - An Online Retrospective & Some New Perspectives for the New Millennium
Danny 2009

All of the tiles in The Reagan Suite" are cast in white earthenware clay.
Size: approximately 22" X 16"
commercial low fired glazes, and designed to hang on wall.

"Ronnie Radioactive" "Ronnie Fearfull" "MOUSECATEAR" "MAKE MY DAY..nancy" "RONNIE" " What's Going ON ? Ronnie " - free standing tablet shape
"Punk Ronnie" "Which force is with you, Ronnie ?" "WAR IS OVER" "Fractured Ronnie" "What's going On?" - side view  "NOV. 88" - free standing oval shape
"Pineapple Ronnie" "What´s going On?" - side view  4 works hanging  - from Reagan Suite "PUNCHING RONNIE"  "Hello, Testing testing, we begin bombing in 10 minutes."

The Reagan Suite Project

After grad from VSA(now Emily Carr University) I faced the lack of a studio situation that art school provided.
I set up a small ceramic studio in a house in New Westminster, until it was eventually sold. In 1984 I returned to do some POST GRAD at Emily Carr.
During that time I focused on some political concerns by creating the portrait of Ronald Reagan. His republican ideology was rubbing me the wrong way especially his jurassic attitude towards the environment.
Each piece was taken from a plaster mold which I created from a bas-relief in clay, I altered, punched and treated them with safety pins and matches. The suite was displayed at The Montgomery Cafe on Pender Street in the DTES of Vancouver. A panel was featured in the German magazine "Keramic Magazin", in a feature that appeared in 1986.

Danny Kostyshin Reagan Suite Project

"Ronnie Radioactive"

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