Danny Kostyshin - An Online Restrospective
Danny Kostyshin - An Online Retrospective & Some New Perspectives for the New Millennium
Danny 2009

These plates were exhibited at The Burnaby Art Gallery in 2004.

"War is Over- Millennium" by Danny Kostyshin "Planet Iceberg" by Michael Morris "Gay Remembrance Day" by Danny Kostyshin "Ode To Dick Higgins" by Fluxus artist Francesco Conz, Italy "My Life" by Sally Michener "The Passing of George Harrison" by Danny Kostyshin
 "World Tea Party" by Bryan Mulvihill "My Life" by Sally Michener "Imagine" by Danny Kostyshin  "Blue Hand " by Attila Lukacs "International Noise Awareness Day" by Danny Kostyshin "Gay Millennium" by Danny Kostyshin
"Earth Day 2000" by Danny Kostyshin "Posteriorarity" by Attila Lukacs "WTO Tax Cuts = Medicare Cuts" by Danny Kostyshi "Dedicated to getting the fossils out of Francesco"by Wayne Baerwaldt  "Ode to Bryan Lynch" by Bryan Lynch "A Bird in the Bush" by Gwen Curry
"Earth Day 2000" by Danny Kostyshin "Full Moon" by Attila Lukacs War is Over by Danny Kostyshin "War is Over" by Danny Kostyshin "Millennium Fluxed Art" signed by Francesco Conz, Lady Lorex, Danny Kostyshin, Wayne Baerwaldt..  "DEC. 31 1999 -Last plate of the millennium" by Danny Kostyshinby Danny Kostyshin
"January 1 2000" by Danny Kostyshin "FreunDutche-Kanadische" by Mr. Peanut Vincent Trasov "Earth Day 2001" by Danny Kostyshin "Hand of the spirit meets the Millennium" by Danny Kostyshin "Feb. 18 2000 thinking of Yoko ONO on her birthday in this new millennium"

All plates range in size from 12-14 inches across. All have coloured slips and clear glaze and were hand thrown by me. I directed the participating artists in the ceramic process. See video right. All plates can be wall hung.

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The Millennium Plate Project

During the 6 months leading up to the end of the last millennium I thought that since this was such an auspicious time I wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion.I decided to create a project using a traditional plate form which I began to call "The Millennium Plate Project".

The piece consisted of 30 handmade plates done on various dates over that time period. Many were collaborations and I invited other artists such as Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov, Attila Lukacs, Francesco Conz, Sally Michener, Gwen Curry and others to paint on greenware ceramic plates.
The remaining plates were done by me and reflect issues such as the riot in Seattle and tax cuts affecting Medicare. Some commemorate events such as "World Aids Day" or pay homage to George Harrison who passed away in 2001 when I was finishing the project as well as one to John and Yoko called "War Is Over, we gave Peace A Chance". "Gay Millennium" expresses a wish for this century to name a few of my concerns.

Danny Kostyshin Millennium Plate Project

"War is Over - Millennium" by Danny Kostyshin

video by Karl Spreitz
Attila Lukacs working on his contribution to the Millennium Plate Project Autumn 1999, Brentwood Bay.. also seen Michael Morris and Danny Kostyshin.

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