Danny Kostyshin - An Online Restrospective
Danny Kostyshin - An Online Retrospective & Some New Perspectives for the New Millennium
Danny 2009

Ed Broadbent, John Turner and Brian and Mila Mulroney. " THE DIKS IN THE HALL" Condom Box made for Paul Mathieu Bill and Lillian Condom Box Brian and Mila "Dr. C. Everett Koop" He was the first US government official to talk about safe sex.
George and Barbra B´s Condom Box Long John Baldry´s Celebrity Condom Box "Condom Box" made at Banff at a workshop 1990 "The Pope’s Condom Box" 2010 First "Condom Box" made in 1988 Another early "Condom Box" made in 1988
"George and Barbra Condoms" made in the 1990´s "Condom Box" in the collection of Scott Watson early "Condom Box " 1988 " Celebrity Condom Box " for Arsenio Hall, a popular TV host who talked about safe sex issues early in the 1990s. Ode to General Idea "Poodle Condom Box"  made in the 90´s "Poodle Condom Box"
"Celebrity Condom Box for Wayne and Janet Gretsky"  "Political Condom Box" for Audrey McLaughlin - NDP leader at the time this was the only party talking about safe sex practices 5x4x4 inches

The Condom Box Project

In 1988, safe sex practices , as they relate to HIV, were still a taboo topic. The general election was underway, when I created "Political Condom Boxes" for Brian and Mila Mulroney , Ed Broadbent and John Turner. The Vancouver Sun picked up on my work and published a story about my political condom boxes. I believe I was the first to have designed condom boxes to speak about safe sex practices.
I also did a series of Celebrity Condom Boxes, for people such as Elton John, John Baldry and Svend Robinson, to name a few.
In 2010 the pope said it was ok for catholics to use condoms,so I thought it was a good time to create a "Pope's Condom Box" which currently is in a travelling exhibition BC in a Box -The Edge of Here sponsored by The BC Potter's Guild.

Danny Kostyshin Condom Box Project

"Political Condom Boxes"

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